September 20, 2007

Diversionary Tactics: September 20, 2007

Well, that was quick.

In what can only be read as a calculated effort by Shawn Carter to force me to continue my discography reviews, it's been announced that his new album, American Gangster, will be released on November 6, 2007.

I knew there was a reason why his "Heart Of The City" plays in the movie's trailer. Although it's not like this album will serve as the film's soundtrack or anything, it seems that Shawn was inspired by Ridley Scott's film to come up with a concept album, which means this probably won't sound like Reasonable Doubt, but he's trying, people! Also, maybe I've just been busy for the past few months, but this news completely took me by surprise; perhaps Def Jam knows how to keep a secret after all. Now they just have to reveal that Method Man's new album will actually come out sometime between today and ever, and all will be well with the world.

As much as I'd love to say that I found out about this first, that would be a lie. led me to, and there's also a New York Times article confirming all of this. According to XXL, Hova's new single will also be released to radio today, so you should expect some shitty radio rips for the next few days (hours?) until someone comes up with something high-quality. Song titles include "Blue Magic" and "No Hook"; yeah, this one already sounds like a winner, what with the cover of a Shaquille O'Neal song and all.

In keeping with tradition, I will probably do my write-up for American Gangster in about a year and a half. But if you're good readers, and keep the comments flowing, you may see a Gut Reaction sometime after I buy the stupid thing (damn my collector's gene!).

Hopefully it doesn't suck.



  1. Hi there, just found this great blog. nice drops! Im pretty enjoying this kind track by track review. But maybe they all a little bit simple...

  2. Capital Q - thanks for reading, and tell your friends! I appreciate that you like the track-by-track style; the more detailed track reviews go along with the more thorough write-ups; these "Gut Reaction" things are just the first things that pop into my head.

    Hope I live up to your expectations!

  3. not surprised by this at all..
    the startling fact is that im interested after the shit known as Kingdom Come

  4. The fact that Jay was actually INSPIRED by something and spontaneously hit the studio sounds promising - in the same way that most of the blueprint was recorded in a couple of days or something. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. have a good quality and full version of 'blue magic':

  5. The Most Felonious Vocalist In The Wide World Of ShowbusinessSeptember 21, 2007

    First of all, I really appreciate the fact that you've been writing often of late. Anyway, this is good news. There was no way that Jay was going out with Kingdom Come as his last album. It fared well neither critically nor singles wise. Even his weakest albums have had 3 or 4 monster singles. As for American Gangster being a concept album, I doubt it. That's really not his style; he usually makes 8 or 9 potential singles and 3 or 4 "album tracks". I would definitely like to see another Nas collabo. Any word on what the single is going to be called? Has he filled his Beyonce quota yet or will we be forced to endure more of that garbage?

  6. smac - I agree, and to be honest, the first time I heard "Blue Magic", I kinda liked it. I could have done without Pharrell's hook, though; I like En Vogue and don't need to hear their "Hold On" bastardized.

    Most Felonious Vocalist - Welcome back! Hadn't seen your comments in a while; thought you had given up on me. Don't know about any guests, but I'm sure all of that info will pop up momentarily. As long as Bleek doesn't appear, a small part of me will be happy. (My big toe on my left foot. That's the part.)

  7. The Iran-Contra line is funny, but it doesn't sound that great.