December 1, 2008

Diversionary Tactics: The "Okay, I Need A Rest" Edition

Alright, you two, I'm kind of tired. Blogging for thirty days in a row can be a bit mind-numbing, so I'm going to walk away from the computer for a few days to collect my thoughts. But before I go:

-Yes, the November stunt blog was all sophomore albums (except for the Kanye thing, which was just a bonus). And what have I learned from this endeavor? That the so-called "sophomore slump" is very, very real. It would seem that the only way for rappers to prevail at this point in their career is to stay true to themselves, but even that isn't a guarantee that lightning will strike twice. As you may have noticed, they were all second albums from the artists I first wrote about in July, which is why it may seem that I ignored the few requests I received for artists such as Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Boogie Down Productions. (See, I do pay attention to the comment box on the side, folks.) Someone may eventually notice that I left the Clipse out of the November collection, but that's obviously because their "sophomore" album was actually their official debut, Lord Willin', which I wrote about a long time ago. Even if some of my comments pissed you the fuck off, I'm still thankful to those of you that come back to read and leave comments, and hopefully somebody was inspired to pick up one of the albums I wrote about, even if it was just to spite me.

-While regular posts will start up again soon, Hip Hop Isn't Dead is currently accepting guest write-ups. If you are interested, hit me at the e-mail address on the side with your submission. The guidelines this time around are as follows: you have to write about something that I've already written about (and it's perfectly acceptable if you have a completely different opinion than what I had originally: hell, it's encouraged), you have to use the format that I use (the track-by-track write-up, added snark optional), you have to actually have a nickname you want to use (all "anonymous" submissions will automatically be deleted), and you have to accept the fact that your entry may be edited for space. If you're interested, get back to me by Saturday, December 13. If I don't receive many requests, then you'll just have to put up with Max, so either way, I'm good.

-Thanks once again for all of the comments. I've grouped all of the November posts into another category, just like I did with the July posts, so if you missed one, feel free to re-visit and leave your remarks. Also, if anybody has any requests for album reviews or suggestions for possible stunt blogs in the future, shoot me an e-mail.

On that note, I'll see you two in a few days.



  1. Good job Max,

    For most of the lesser works, I like the reviews better than the albums.

    If you want to add another dimension to your reviews, you should consider learning more about music terminology and possibly some theory.

    The most important thing is what you're already covering, the social/emotional/cultural impact and context, and the cool aspect.

    Since the genre is hip hop, it would be interesting to talk about rhythms at a higher level. e.g. verse syllable patterns, etc.

    also, things like
    - resolution, dissonance/consonance
    - timbre, (i.e. tone analysis, and combinations)
    - theme and mythological relationships with technical components
    - DJ terms
    - classical terms
    - etc.

    For some of the weaker albums, it could make it easier for you to sit through if you can divert your attention to the musical components

  2. You're fantastic Max, thanks for all the work you put into your texts.

    But we're still waiting for that Tha Carter III review ;) ...

  3. This site has opened my eyes to so many albums that I doubt I would have found otherwise. Always entertaining even if we don't have the same opinion on some tracks

    Thanks Max

  4. "mythological relationships with technical components"
    whatever mang, as long as dude still shits itallicised dookie on wackness that deserves it...
    struck out a few times but for the most part you smacking them out the park

  5. Do you, Max. You deserve a break today (no McDonald's).


  6. lol

    theme and *mythology* relationships with technical components

  7. Keep them coming Max - these reviews are great, particularly when those that disagree act like you've just said something overly derogatory about their mothers!

    Still waiting for the Makaveli album, and how about some old school Ice T!!


  8. Thanks for the reviews, Max. You've been doing your job well, you deserve a break.

    How about some reviews of albums from the Hieroglyphics camp?

  9. You earned a well deserved break. This type of blogging makes or breaks bloggers. Seeing how you flipped this stutn blogging thing more than once (and Survived to tell the world about it (or write to the world about it??!!)), this is a feat most others can't blog about. So, hope you a get a well-rested and can't wait to see what reviews to pop up on the site.

    So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
    cats that never bug out to the extreme

    Yo, If word is bond
    then Q is gone

  10. AmpGeez a.k.a Amplified GrammarDecember 03, 2008

    Yeah, you've been on a roll the last couple months. A lil' vaycay is well earned.

  11. keep going so us haters can keep hating.

  12. the most felonious vocalist in the wide world of showbusinessDecember 09, 2008

    I'm very late on this but I just wanted to add that Max has a mythological relationship with penis, nh (stands for New Hampshire).

    All kidding aside, your work is truly appreciated. Financial compensation is definitely in order.