December 30, 2008

Diversionary Tactics: Year-End Edition

I have no idea how that picture is supposed to relate to a year-end post; I just like the Chiluly installation at the Bellagio. It's hard not to think of Andy Garcia every time that hotel's name is mentioned, though.

Anyway, here's to the end of 2008, an incredibly random year that saw some good music, some really fucking terrible music, and an awful lot in between. We also saw the blog attempt to wander in different directions, with some success (see: the reader reviews, the stunt blogging) and about as many failures (namely, the 'Producers Guild' series, although I haven't given up on that completely, and, by the way, when the hell was the last time I wrote about 'Something Different' that wasn't hip hop?), but either way, hopefully it was moderately entertaining.

I have no idea where 2009 will take the blog, but the plan is to resuscitate some of the features that haven't cropped up as often (like the 'Drink Coasters') and introduce some new stuff, whatever those end up being. It's too soon to tell if the stunts will continue (listening to thirty full albums in thirty days is a lot more time consuming than many of you two may realize), but I'm not ruling it out, especially since some of you two seemed to like them. As for the reader reviews, keep them coming. As of this writing, I'm sitting on more than a few that are just waiting for a publishing date, so if you're interested, want to see your name in print, or are just jonesing to have anonymous readers rip your work to shreds, drop me a line. (While I plan on eventually expanding the reader review program to allow you to write about whatever the hell you want, for now if you could please limit it to albums that I've written about before, of which there are nearly three hundred to choose from, I would appreciate it.)

I also plan on writing about The Chronic, if only so those comments in the sidebar will finally cease.

Stick around, kiddos. And try not to get too drunk.



  1. I don't drink and I will be here. In March '09 I take a blog hiatus so that's gives a gang of people a chance to make folks forget about me.

    Happy New Year, Max!


  2. Sounds good Max... Happy New Year 2009 to ya!

    Reader #3

    -DJ Bozo

  3. Yo Max!

    Being the one of your two readers who has never ever left a comment, I'd like to use this opportunity to thank you for your entertaining reviews and wish you all the best for 2009!
    I see that you already have enough new ideas but have you ever thought about reviewing non-american Hip Hop?


  4. as retaurded as many of your comments are, I appreciate this blog for giving a different view on sometimes obvious things. congrats on the nonstop work Max. I look forward to sending more hatemail your way.

  5. +1 on non-american hiphop reviews
    (biased as I'm from Canada and have been askin for a Main Source review since I started reading)