January 13, 2009

Submissions Now Being Accepted...

Hey, you two! Did you enjoy the Reader Review series back in December? Were you interested in submitting a write-up, but ran out of time because Max inconveniently scheduled the run during the fucking holidays? Or do you just like the idea of seeing your writing on a blog that has been featured in Hip Hop Connection (briefly, yes, but still...)?

Well, fear not! Hip Hop Isn't Dead is once again accepting submissions from readers just like yourself. If you've found yourself to be incredibly pissed off about something that I wrote about a while back and wish to set the record straight, or merely want to practice your writing skills in a forum where anonymous readers aren't afraid of writing out simplistic homophobic slurs when they don't agree with you, then hit me up at the email on the right.

The assignment this time is the same as before: write about an album that I've written about previously. I've cleaned up the 'Search By Artist' sidebar, so it should be easier for you to find something you're interested in writing about. The deadline this time around is February 1st.

Here are the usual guidelines:

-Write-ups still have to be written in the track-by-track format. While you should also be sure to list the songs you feel are worthy of attention (read: 'Best Tracks'), introductory paragraphs are not necessary.

-Your review can either be positive or negative, but you have to justify your critique with opinions that aren't the equivalent of "this song sucks" eighteen songs in a row.

-You have to assign yourself a nickname. Nobody gets to post anonymously.

-If you have your own blog and wish to promote it within your write-up, let me know.

Once again, if you have a thick skin and want to make your hip hop preferences known, drop me a line at the e-mail addy on the right. The deadline is February 1st. And bear in mind, although this assignment is revisiting reviews I've already written, soon I'll expand it to include albums I haven't actually listened to yet, so if this is something you'd like to see continue, let me know.

Also, I'm still accepting ideas for write-ups that you would like to see. Drop me a line or leave me a comment, and if enough people start asking for the same stuff, I'll try to oblige.

Stay tuned.



  1. Thats great, Ill send mine soon.
    BTW I think you should review more DITC stuff.

  2. well i emailed u one a while back on in my lifetime by jay-z so if u can post it that would be straight. it was kinda sloppy tho, so no offense if u dont post it

  3. I saw the article, I was like HOW did he lose to WYDU...

  4. you should do a write up on 93 til infinity.

  5. yo Max, what about K-Rino, dont know why everybody ignores him, easily top 3 rapper of all time, give him a chance by reviewing one of his latest albums, maybe the Blood Doctrine?

  6. tell me about... Elzhi, The Bug, Dizzie Rascal... or Q-tips new album.

  7. I'm gonna try to cook up some marvelous shit for the guest reviews. Happy to see that got a round 2. For the record, you only reviewed 2 Lupe albums, right? We are all done with him, aren't we?

  8. Paul Wall is bout to drop a new album “Fast Life” this March 24th.

    Its got this banger “Girl On Fire” with Akon and “Bizzy Body” feat. Webbie and Mouse. Another hit

    go check out “Bizzy Body”: http://www.imeem.com/paulwallmusic/music/y_CdRBbK/bizzy_body_fea t_webbie_and_mouse/