March 1, 2009

An Extraordinarily Brief Commentary On Flo Rida's New Single, "Right Round" Featuring Kesha

Flo Rida's latest single, "Right Round", recently knocked Eminem's comeback song "Crack A Bottle" off of the top of the charts, a feat which is wholly unsurprising to me. I'm probably the only blogger right now that doesn't find the new Slim Shady material appealing at all, and not just because Curtis Jackson appears on the track (alongside Dr. Dre): it sounds like he's trying too hard to oversimplify the Slim Shady persona, who became popular in the first place because of his violent, deviant, and, usually, amusing lyrics, but "Crack A Bottle" is simply about hooking up with chicks. I'm hoping the rest of Relapse sounds nothing like the lead single, which, I will admit, is typical of most Marshall Mathers projects.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Flo Rida has managed to release back-to-back-to-back hits to pop radio, which isn't altogether difficult to explain: a lot of people listen to really shitty music. (I have to admit, though, that I kind of liked his Timbaland-assisted "Elevator".) "Right Round" features a female vocalist that nobody's ever heard of named Kesha, who will be able to make a lot of money with her pitch-perfect Katy Perry impersonation for the exact length of time that Katy Perry remains relevant to pop music culture. I believe "Right Round" has struck such a chord with fans of shitty rap music because VH-1 continues to play Adam Sandler's The Wedding Singer, creating new fans for his love letter to 1980s music. That's the only way I can explain why Flo has been able to utilize such an obvious sample without having his street cred severely questioned.
(Here's a link to the video, although you'd be better off not watching that and clicking on the clip below instead.)

At least it's better than trying to reinterpret "Brand New Lover".



  1. HahAHA! /jokes

  2. Holy shit, I thought you were joking Max, then I went to the God.

  3. Terrible shit....and niggas LIKE this....what is the world coming to?

  4. Lil' VenkiMarch 04, 2009

    My favorite part is when he brings out the color guard. This video sucks!

  5. Y'know what's also funny is that I'm pretty sure the original song was about homosexuality. For reals.

  6. U know it's funny max.. i remember i was walking home once during my senior year n there was these two maybe 8th/9th grade girls right behind me, (and this was around the time the song "Right Round" came out) although i hadn't heard it til these two girls started singing it... then i heard em say the part "when u go down, when u go down down" (by the way these girls were SREAMIN' it outside in public) which is degrading to young youth in itself but me i was 18 thinkin to myself, am i gonna have to slap another bitch!! because they got the lyrics all messed up.. that was my first intention haha! (i didn't end up slapping them, but i did end up ripping my car stereo right out after i heard the flo rida song) seriously n that's what made "Crack a Bottle" more appealing.. lol.. sry max, peace..