March 29, 2009

Today's Not-So-Random Song Accompanied By Minimal Commentary: Gary Numan - "Films"

I had originally brought this up when I wrote about Pro Tools, the most recent album from Gza/Genius, but I felt it deserved more of an emphasis. Sampling Gary Numan in hip hop isn't anything new, but the song that most people are familiar with is "Cars". "Films", a not-so-obscure-track-if-you're-a-fan, helped producer The Rza prove that he was actually cognizant of many musical genres and styles.

Here's a live version of "Films". Sorry about the shitty video quality.

Alongside Rza and Irfane Khan-Acito, whose presence is truly not necessary (they really should have just gone all the way and sampled Numan's vocals as well), Gza flows over a barely-tweaked instrumental of "Films", essentially proving that both he and his cousin (Rza, again) can actually rap over damn near anything and make it sound good. As I mentioned in my original Gut Reaction post, "Life Is A Movie" is among the best offerings from Pro Tools, which wasn't a bad album in the least.

I'm still befuddled as to how Numan failed to earn a writing credit for Gza's song, though. Then again, there is no mention of a "Films" sample anywhere within the liner notes. No matter: (almost) any hip hop track that draws more attention to new wave from te 1970s and 1980s is fine by me.

Almost. (*cough* Flo Rida *cough*)


Gza/Genius - Pro Tools


  1. I honestly can't listen to this song!The beat is too out there for my taste...I found the best song from pro tools to be Paper Plate with 7 pounds as close second and columbian ties third

  2. and oh yeah...
    review SMIFF N' WESSUN!