April 4, 2009

Site Stuff

1. So far, I've received a good number of Reader Reviews, but Round 3 is still open for everybody. Do you know of a hip hop album that you absolutely feel that everybody needs to have in their Desert Island Top 5? Or is there a disc that everybody seems to love that you want to warn everybody about? Either way, send your review to the e-mail address on the right. And for everybody interested in contributing: I forgot to mention that you need to include a nickname that you want to be called. Some of you did that anyway, but for everyone else, let me know as soon as possible. The deadline is still April 18th.

2. Yes, the comment box seems to be missing. Hip Hop Isn't Dead has always been a work in progress, with elements frequently introduced and abandoned altogether based on feedback and if the content and ideas fit the site. (You may have noticed the other minute changes to some of the stuff on the page.) I wouldn't say that the comment box is gone permanently, but the blog was not intended to support the ridiculousness of the comment box: the comment box was supposed to supplement the blog. Those of you with blogs of your own that want to link up, send me an e-mail request and we'll talk. Those of you with review requests, suggestions, or general questions, you can either leave a comment on a post or send me a message.

3. Speaking of the linked blogs, I plan on running through all of them (probably at a very slow pace) and deleting links to those that haven't been updated in six months or more. So if you have a blog that you wish to promote, now may be your chance to take over some prime space on the sidebar.

4. Finally, yes, I do love numerating things in a list form. Almost as much as I love italics. But don't let the italics know: they're prone to jealous homicidal acts.

More reviews and other stuff coming soon. And you may want to keep the month of May open. Tell your friends. No, seriously, tell your friends: more readers means more content, folks.



  1. i think you're losing a few readers

  2. http://thehiphoprevuebangout.wordpress.com/

    Once you eliminate half of your links (since half of them don't work and a bunch more haven't posted anything in years) consider this for a link...it's my review site (I did the Midnight Marauders Fan Review)

  3. by the way, i'd like to say that mf doom is one of the worst rappers i've ever heard. he's on lil wayne's level of shit

  4. this new layout is kind of crappy, even if all you did was make the font bigger and change the color.