June 1, 2009

Diversionary Tactics: Exhaustion Edition

The stunt blogging is over for a while. Give me a few days to rest up, and I'll get the blog back to its regularly scheduled programming.

Here's a link to all thirty-one posts, so that you have something to look at while you're patiently waiting. And be sure to leave some comments: the future of the stunt blog is dependent on the level of interest it attracts. Also, I'm confused as to how my two readers can frequently complain that I "only" write about mainstream artists and should branch out more, but when I do, the post that still receives the most attention is Eminem's. I realize Relapse was the most anticipated album of 2009 so far, but seriously?

The Reader Reviews, which have not fallen by the wayside, as you may have feared, will also continue when I return. In fact, I'm going to open it up a bit more: if you have an album that you want to write about, send me your submission at the email on the right. There is no deadline this time, so you can take your time. However, you have to defend your choice as being one of the reasons that hip hop is not dead, and you have to attach a nickname that you wish to be called, so that you can be given proper credit. Without that, I'm going to start making shit up.

Oh, and since I received a couple of comments stating that I reviewed the Eminem album "too early" (really?), I wanted to address them: Hi! Thanks for reading. You may be new to the site, and I'm glad to have you. If you'll notice, I categorized the Relapse review as "My Gut Reaction", meaning that those were my thoughts while I was listening to the album for the very first time, as opposed to the usual reviews for albums I've had for a while. I appreciate everyone's opinions and commentary, but it is waaaay too soon to tell if that album will stand up to the test of time, especially since it's been out for less than a month.

Anyway, I have to go to sleep. See you in a few days. And in case you haven't noticed, you can also follow the blog on Twitter, although I can't guarantee anything other than occasional video posts and random commentary on stupid stuff.



  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2009

    when are you reviewing blu & exile?

  2. Thnaks I wouldn't have touched 1st Class with a 6 metre pole without your post.

  3. Good job, Max. I enjoyed what I read and am looking forward to catching up on what I missed.

  4. 31 reviews and not one of them an album I requested. ):

  5. Screw the haters. I enjoyed it, and thanks again for The Vultures link. I seriously cannot stop listening to the albumn. As for Eminem, meh. Hip Hop has evolved further than the what he put out. It was just old shit rehashed. Then ripping on celebretards who don't matter anymore? Ok.... Anyway, I know I'm gonna get flack for that, but whateva!

  6. AnonymousJune 01, 2009

    I believe I will review Genelec and Memphis Reigns- Scorpion Circles for your blog!

  7. AnonymousJune 02, 2009

    Keep it up, Max. :D

  8. I figure through all your exhaustion you could use a good laugh...I just read an article on hiphopdx talking about that red-headed stepson U-God like he was a premier Wu member, and promising an album that had "that Wu sound" but also featured an appearance by, your favorite, JIM JONES. Take a look, it's worth a laugh or two.


  9. Max, Much love on the stunt blog. I literally check for it daily. You got to do it again soon. Love the site keep up the good work. What in the world happen to Vincent's blog (thimk)? Did the Source find out about him posting the magazines or something? Peace.

  10. Hey Max,

    Throwing out a challange to you. Do a Gut Review of The Ecstatic by Mos Def thats coming out this week. Everything I've heard from it has been good so I want to see how you feel bout it. I want your opinion before I buy it.