June 23, 2009

Video Music Box: Reflection Eternal - "Back Again"

At the risk of appearing as though I want to imitate the other hip hop blogs out there, I felt it necessary to point out that Talib Kweli and producer DJ Hi-Tek have reunited. While this is no "Fortified Live", it's nice to see these two working together again. And apparently their new project drops this fall.

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  1. just saw talib live today. he killed it! really good first single from his upcoming reflection eternal cd. i'm pretty hyped for this lp. Raaaaawr and i'm outie.

  2. Yeah i like it a lot too... cool summer music and great video!

    On another note: Hey Max, you should really do a gut reaction stunt next week with the new Blaq Poet, Chamber Music, U-God and wotnot bout to be released!

  3. Sounds weak as hell.

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2009

    Sounds good, looking to the album.

    @ FLX, I doubt he'll want to review another U-God album.

  5. I've been waiting for this album for YEARS. I don't expect another album like the first (I think that is impossible) but it doesn't stop me from being HUNGRY!