July 30, 2009

An Extraordinarily Brief Commentary On Flo Rida's "Sugar", Featuring Wynter Gordon

While you two are waiting to see what the first post will be in August, I'm going to address something that I'm (admittedly) incredibly late in discussing. Flo Rida's second single from R.O.O.T.S., "Sugar", is still a relatively huge hit in the clubs, as I witnessed over the weekend. (I'd include a link to its official video, but I really don't want to encourage that kind of behavior.) While I have a relatively low opinion of this song in general, I can't fault Flo for creating radio-friendly hits one right after another.

But I can fault his producer, DJ Montay.

The track itself features female vocalist Wynter Gordon (who you will never hear from again, except for maybe on the next Flo Rida album) re-doing the hook from Eiffel 65's trashy Euro-dance hit "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" from ten fucking years ago. Back in 1999, I thought the song sucked, and in hearing this today, I'm concerned for today's youth, as they're being exposed to this garbage without any sort of context.

However, when I first heard "Sugar", another song entered my mind, one that is much better. Wynter Gordon really only rips off the title, which is probably why I haven't read anybody else draw the following comparison, but Flo's song features a simile that wouldn't pop in anybody's mind unless thay were familiar with Echo & The Bunnymen.

That song is the shit. So if Flo Rida inadvertently drives his many fans into the waiting arms of Ian McCulloch and company, I suppose I can't really be angry.

If, however, Flo's followers look for this shit on iTunes, then I would prepare myself for the inevitable zombie onslaught.



  1. This video is really good. Heaerd these songs on the radio and came and checked them out.

    Rap Music:

  2. Flo-rida? How about a gut reaction on the new Raekwon?

  3. This wasn't a Gut Reaction piece, though. It was an excuse to post videos of ridiculous (or, in the case of "Lips Like Sugar", awesome) sample sources. Besides, I'm trying to avoid Raekwon songs until I'm holding the album in my cold, dead hands.

  4. Hah, word....see you on Sep 8th then man.