September 1, 2009

Diversionary Tactics: Um...

To my two devoted readers:

You were probably expecting a graphic depicting how tired I am to tie up August's month of stunt blogging. Common sense dictates that I should take a brief rest, but I won't let that bastard win this time around.

You see, I'm extending this stunt by an additional month. That's right: thirty more days of album write-ups guaranteed to make your work day seem to be about twenty to thirty minutes shorter than usual.

Why subject myself to even more abuse? I've narrowed it down to three reasons, which I'll list below:

1. There are several albums that I meant to write about in August, but despite my best intentions, shit kept getting in the way (namely, other albums). In an effort to force my own hand, I'm going to go an additional month. As an added bonus, I may finally get to clear my iTunes playlist of some of these discs that have been sitting there since the day the blog started.

2. The number of comments have been severely lacking. You dictate what happens with the blog, folks, and the only way I can tell if something is clicking is if you let me know. You can leave a note under a post, or you can send me an e-mail (those of you who have sent me messages, I read them all and appreciate them), but for right now, the only thing I can tell you two may actually like is the fact that the posts were back-to-back. So, once again, I ask of you: if you have any requests for album reviews or things you'd like to see, you kind of have to tell me.

3. I've only received a handful of Reader Reviews. As you are aware, these were supposed to run in September after the stunt was over, but the few I've received (which are varied and, one of them anyway, was pretty surprising) aren't nearly enough to provide me with any sort of break. So you basically have an additional month to get something to me. I realize this will be a lot tougher for those of you who are going back to school in September, but if you want to see your own opinions published on a blog that has a pretty decent cult following, hit me up at the e-mail address located in the top right of the page.

If you were unable to follow all thirty-one of the posts in August, here's a handy link to every single one. Be sure to tell your friends, Twitter about the blog, whatever it is you do to get the word out, as your input and enthusiasm directly affects what happens with Hip Hop Isn't Dead.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Here's a video clip for a track taken from one of the albums that will receive a Gut Reaction treatment in September, as long as the guy's album actually fucking drops this time. This is just the shit, and it's also blatantly violent, so you probably shouldn't let the kiddos watch.


  1. Good to hear, Max. I'll keep on reading, and maybe try my hand at a reader review one of these days (it's just about finding the time and finding an album to write about).

  2. Any possibility of any Uk Hip-Hop reviews,I know you have a fair few followers over here. Skinnyman, Blak twang, TaskForce?

  3. I sent you an email about the Mirage & Concept album but it may not be your thing.

    On the subject of House of Flying Daggers: amazing, J-Dilla's attempt at a Wu beat far out ranks most of RZA's own production out put of late and I love the Five Deadly Venoms thing they had going in the video, especially how fucking explicit the video is.

  4. You're the king of the blogosphere Max, thanks for all of the reviews!

    Requests: Hmm... Black Milk - Tronic?

    Deck sound young again and Raekwon actually wake up to raas. These hafto be some vocals that was recorded at least two years ago...nigz sounding like the 90 sup'm versions of themselves...and seeing them all stand to gether near the end... hedz shoulda ghosted (no pun) Ason (RIP) in the background with some black angel wings (or a pitch fork, wtf) ....jah know, if this is the standard then the album supposed to terrible (good)...
    WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! (large up the animators, that shit is banging)

  6. yow king, yuh need to touch up the krs/bdp and the PE joints...remember how heads was shitting in your c-box on them joints (that shit was fun by the way, you should bring that shit back, your two readers hella hilarious),also, how bout' some of them joints where hip hop meets reggae/dancehall...does Shinehead fit in round here anywhere? how bout the bush babees?

  7. nice its going to be great. fantastic video and song, ob4cl2 is going to rock

  8. prolly should have said all ah this in one bad...let me know if i'm out of line here...your wife souns cool as hell, she not into hip hop but she knows you are and according to you she gifted you with lots of cool music for the collection...i think it'd be kinda cool if she wrote a review of a hip hop album that she actually likes (if such material exists) gimmick shit, just a little colouring outside the lines, off-template ish... granted, the last female that wrote a review got smashed on some "what do bitches know bout hip hop ish"... your call mang

  9. Yo Max! I read from Google Reader and barely comment but I do read almost every single review y'all write. I appreciate you reminding me of albums from yesteryear that I haven't heard in a while.

    Keep up the good fuckin' work, homes!

  10. You are not alone! The posts have been great, and I've been lurking like a mofo.

    What I'd like to see (at some undefined point in the future) is some side-by-side reviews - artists who've been around for a while, take their first albums or mixtapes and compare it to their latest output.

    Interesting? Or not. In any case, you keep posting and I'll keep reading.

  11. Holy ...
    I hadn't seen nor heard House Of Flying Daggers before (I've been avoiding CL2 previews all summer, except for New Wu, which is nice IMO). Fucking FIRE! Fingers crossed for next week.

    You should review 2001 (The Chronic sequel). Everyone probably has it, but nonetheless ...

    Awesome blog btw, if I haven't said it before. Definitely made my summer a bit less boring.

  12. can we expect to see that Below The Heavens review sometime this month?

  13. Keep up the work Max, listening to the album previews on Amazon got me hyped. It's a shame GZA doesn't get a real verse, although that seems to happen quite often.

  14. Great job with this blog Max. Can you please review Nas' Untitled seeing as it was considered one of the best hip hop albums last year.

  15. House Of Flying Daggers is awesome, Raekwon hasn't sounded this energized since his appearance on the first Masta Killa.

  16. Anybody can write about any album they want: if I have a concern with something stepping on my toes, I'd let you know. SO hit me at the e-mail address again if you had issues getting a hold of me - I know that Gmail has been having issues today.

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Wow! It's cats like you that make this blogging thing engaging. Hope you got the stamina for to finish the self-imposed triatholon (Probably spelled wrong, but you know I could care less *Questioner: Then why point it out* Oh, so I could..umm.. "takes care of questioner" RESPECT THE DROP)!!!

  18. E.1999 would be a good album to review and music to drive by from CMW would be a dope album to review too.

  19. second Black Milk, he's pretty fucking sweet and all

    I downloaded the leak of OB4CL2, it better not suck (I'm hopeful, as it has some crazy praise so far)

  20. One of the best blogs on the net.
    Keep up the good shyt!

    BTW can you review some Lord Finesse shit?