January 24, 2010

Max Plays Matchmaker: J-Zone

Twelve artists or groups who should hit up J-Zone for a beat or two on their future projects:

(in no particular order)

Ghostface Killah
De La Soul
Jean Grae
Chino XL
Group Home
Tim Dog
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
Asher Roth

Ol' Dirty Bastard (a posthumous remix, maybe?)

Discuss in the comments below. More write-ups coming soon.



  1. No question about it. Zone has an amazing talent and some of these mainstream artists should have (for a lack of a better term) thrown him a bone years ago. If any of the artists in this group still believe in dope lyricism and creativity, Zone's beats would be a near perfect backdrop.

    Now, please explain why the "GOAP", (Greatest of all Pop)Jay-Z, was not included on this list? Hmmm????????????????????

  2. Hell motherfuckin yeah, Jean Grae on a J-Zone beat, that would be the fuckin hellfire!

    Other candidates:

    Sean Price
    Sticky Fingaz
    Jay-Z for the Names alone... Jay-Z & J-Zone, hilarious!

  3. I don't personally think Hova would appreciate the opportunity to utilize a Zone beat, and that's coming from a fan of his.

    Sauce Money, though...

  4. who's the white dude in the picture?

  5. Have you heard of an artist named Outasight? You should check him out, he has a few songs on youtube. If you haven't heard any of his stuff, I suggest you start with Good Evening...He has two albums out(I think), and both are available for free download

  6. Asher Roth? Group Home? Ghostface Killah? Twista? I assume this is a piss take?

  7. Nice idea. I haven't heard much J-Zone (originally I thought it was J-Live you were mentioning) but hey, if you say so.

    Also if the beat were hot enough, I'm sure Jay would use it...he likes to keep the underground fans nibbling with the underground producers. People would probably have said he wouldn't fuck with 9th Wonder, but he basically made dude's (and by proxy Little Brother's) career from '03 to '07.

  8. R.A. The Rugged Man
    Young Zee
    Sticky Fingaz
    the young Eminem
    the young Cage
    the young Kool Keith
    Slick Rick

  9. Slick Rick definitely. Especially since Zone was an apprentice of Vance Wright (Rick's DJ), its fitting. A young Ice Cube as well and I second Sticky Fingaz no doubt. BTW, its an old picture of J-Zone but he's a light skinned black dude, he's not white. Oh, and what about Too $hort. That'd be interesting to say the least.

  10. LOL, hes not a white dude FYI. Rhymefest and Young Zee? As random as a suggestion can get, but I can see it in a strange way. He worked with Del already, at least I think he did...on that 11th Hour shit. I vaguely remember him having a beat on there from a review but I never got around to checking the song. Probably cause the album got shitty reviews, anybody heard that song or know if its true? I know J-Zone worked with Hiero in the past so it would make sense if he did...

  11. asher roth??? fuck no, you stupid my nigga

  12. Not sure if it was mentioned, but J-Zone already did a beat for Del on his last project.

  13. Just get of his dick Max for fuck sakes, you put this cat on such a high platform when you consistantly knock much better producers for one example the Alchemist.... I noticed from the cage review to his book link on the site, you fucking love this guy and would prolly suck his dick at the first chance. I think J Zone is dope, but not half as dope as you put him on to be. Stop riding dick, that is all.....In the mainstream not one of those fuckers deserve a j zone beat, he needs to do a full project with Pharoe Monch or Sean Price

  14. I know this post was four years ago now (!) but still... why the hell did you put Group Home on that list?!? They're shit rappers and sound crap over Primo beats so I can't imagine they'll be Rakims or Big Daddy Kanes on this guy's beats!!

    1. Correction: The Nutcracker is a shit rapper: Lil Dap is alright. But both end up sounding pretty good over Primo's beats. I just felt that the same kind of magic could happen when paired with a producer (say, J-Zone) who understands their idiosyncracies and plays to their strengths.