March 6, 2010

Freebies: The Vultures - From Parts Unknown (2007)

This isn't an actual review, but more of a roadmap.  Older posts have showcased The Vultures (and their collective family) as a force that is to be reckoned with in hip hop, especially if you hate listening to crap.  Well, one day after digging around on their official site (where you can order the two albums reviewed below - hint, hint), I discovered that their 2007 debut album, From Parts Unknown, is available for free download

Click here to visit their site, and click on 'Downloads'.  You can also bend an ear toward their very first recorded song, "Plot The Apocalypse", if you're so inclined.

So now you can't say that I never gave you anything.



The Vultures - 7 Rings Of Saturn
K.I.N. - Knowledge Is Now


  1. Yo Max, good job on reviewing albums I never heard of before but I came here to ask about something else. It's been a month since I sent you my review and up to this day it still hasn't been put up. I wonder if reader reviews actually take this long to "put together" in the HHID format with links, album covers and such or you have just forgotten about it?

    Sorry if I sound impatient, but it's my first time.

  2. My fav song is off this album is Illin The Thesis. Straight bananas and Ruler Why's beat just fits the atmosphere so well.

  3. the album is fucking good