June 27, 2010

A Quick Programming Note

I'm devoting the month of July to burning off the Reader Reviews that have been collecting virtual dust for the past few months.  For those of you who have been patiently waiting for your submission to post, please accept this as my apology, and look for a message from me soon regarding your publication date.

Those of you who don't really look forward to Reader Reviews should have nothing to fear: some of the write-ups I've received touch upon albums that I would not have gotten to otherwise, which is always good for stirring up conversation.  Also, this gives me a chance to relax a bit without huge delays between reviews.

You still have time to steer the direction of HHID.  If there is an album that you wish to discuss, and I haven't gotten to it yet, your best bet might be to shoot me your own Reader Review by sending it to the e-mail address in the sidebar.  You may get chosen for publication, and as such, you may finally know the joy of making your opinion known while everyone else on the Interweb hates you for it.  Or something. 

As usual, you can also send me your requests, either via e-mail or by hitting me up on Twitter.

Stay tuned,

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  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    You better get back to real hip hop and start reviewing more old school and underground rapper when you come back!!