June 21, 2010

Random Video Post: Delusionists - "Digital Connects"

The UK crew Delusionists, made up of Ben Black, DBF, and Slim Pickens, have pulled a GZA/Genius and released a song that works the names of many hip hop blogs into a coherent verse.  And yes, HHID gets a mention as well, although I'm just happy to be named among such esteemed company.

Give the song a listen by clicking above, and be sure to check out the official Delusionists website.  Their new album Prolusion Plus, which features "Digital Connects", is available for purchase directly from there; if you use the code "digifam", you'll even get 25% off.  Not too shabby.



  1. Hey Max

    Could you do Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back" next? I only ask because I don't want you to get a letter from the government.

  2. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    these guys from britain? sound like american wannabees. respect to katch 22 , london posse , demon boyz , blak twang , blade , tones of twice , gunshot - real uk hip hop

    cheers mick

  3. @Mick

    Alright Mick?

    I'm part of Delusionists and I was a bit baffled (but intrigued) by your assessment of us as American wannabees. We're fans of a lot of the guys you mentioned (we sampled Blak Twang's voice on one of our tracks and we consulted Blade personally when it came to pressing the CD). We're also supporting Lewis Parker at a gig this Wednesday, and are humbled to be sharing the stage with one our biggest influences. I know I speak for the other members of the group when I say that we're very proud of our British hip hop heritage and we're also glad that it's developed beyond the days of fake American accents.

    Admittedly, production-wise we're heavily influenced by contemporary US hip hop but we're also massive supporters of the up-and-coming production talent we have over here, which is why you'll find Kelakovski, Jon Phonics, Tom Caruana and Ed Strong featured on our album. If you're not familiar with those guys, they're definitely worth looking up because they're playing a big part in shaping the sound of modern hip hop from the UK.

    Speaking of which, I'd love you to take the time to check our entire album, which can be streamed here: http://music.delusionists.co.uk/ Who knows, you might find something you like on there and be pleasantly surprised to find some Anglocentric subject matter. And since you're officially our first hater, we could even hook you up with a special discount for a signed copy of the CD!

    ...And if you're still not into it, no bother, but I'd hate for a person who clearly knows a fair bit about hip hop to write us off based on one track.

    Cheers for your time and keep supporting the homegrown!