August 9, 2010

Freebies: Linus - Ocean Breeze EP

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, so bear with me.  I recently received an EP from San Antonio emcee and producer Linus.  (With The Vultures, Mojoe, and now Linus, I've now decided that the home of the Alamo is an untapped market for hip hop talent.)  Here's some more information regarding his movement, taken directly from his press release.

"Still Thinking is a musical collaboration of San Antonian 'homegrowns', masterminded by hip-hop producer and lyricist, Linus (Mo Urias). Linus takes an 'alternative' deviation from the pre-packaged radio friendly rap of today, by engulfing listeners with a vast array of musical stimuli, while including penetrating and complex beats, entrancing bass lines, and precise lyricism. Accompanied by his mixologist, DJ Marcus Campbell, and their melodically-zen guitarist, Nathan Cullinan, Still Thinking delivers a soul-searching musical experience, uniquely programmed to challenge the status quo and infiltrate your cerebral cortex; thus, planting the question, 'Are You Still Thinking?'"

So here's what that means to you: ten free songs, in the form of the Ocean Breeze EP.  Some of the songs are marked as incomplete, a couple of them are simply instrumentals, and the final song is a long mega-mix of tracks that Linus has most definitely not rhymed on, but I liked what I heard, and I figured that some of you two may feel the same way.  These three sound nothing like either of the other two groups I listed above, and I mean that in the best possible way.

You can download the Ocean Breeze EP for free below.  Leave some comments and let the artists know what you think.

Linus - Ocean Breeze EP

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  1. Just out of interest Max, will we ever learn your top 5 (or 10) albums of all time?

    I would just like to see where The Chronic & Ready to Die would slot in and also if there is any music you enjoy other than rap.

  2. Free stuff is always appreciated, and the fact that it's pretty dope is nice too.


  3. yea max lets get that top 10 list out....

  4. When are you going to review Cormegas latest album?

  5. 'Life is purpose and goals/death is not doing anything/can be achieved if you believe, eventually'.
    Cormega's latest is a total gem. Max, You'd love it.
    Loving the reviews.


  6. Mr. AquariusAugust 15, 2010

    This was an impressive listen. Thanks for info.