February 12, 2011

HHID Turns 4: They Grow Up So Fast, Don't They?

Four years. I've been writing reviews on hip hop albums (some popular, some not so much) for four fucking years. That's a long time to commit to anything, especially a blog that began as a way for me to keep my writing skills sharpened in between scripts and other projects. I want to thank each and every one of you two for helping turn Hip Hop Isn't Dead into what it is today: a website that stirs up debate amongst hip hop heads. It isn't what I expected a website filled with an asshole's smart-ass commentary to morph into, but I'm pretty happy with it.

As a way of thanking you for continuing to support the blog, through the good albums and the bad, HHID is ramping up its own production schedule. Instead of updating the site every three days, which was an unofficial timetable I somehow adopted in 2010, I plan on publishing new content every other day, and I plan on keeping this schedule until further notice. Not every post will be an album write-up, but you can expect a good majority of them to be, as those are the posts that receive the largest response.  I also have a ton of artists I would like to get to, including some veterans who seem to have fallen by the wayside when it comes to the blog, so maybe this new work schedule will let me accomplish that.

And that's where you come in. Hip Hop Isn't Dead is a blog that lives and dies by the level of response it gets. So basically, you fuckers need to leave some comments about what you're seeing. I have no other way of knowing exactly what it is you want to see on the site. You now have multiple channels to leave me feedback at: in the comment section below each post, on Twitter, at my e-mail address (max.hiphopisntdead @ gmail.com (delete the spaces, obviously)), and at the blog's work-in-progress Facebook page. You can keep the conversations flowing, you can leave requests, you can talk about whatever you want: the only thing I ask is that, if you get upset at certain types of albums appearing on the site, then you should actually support the type of albums you prefer when their turn comes up.

Contrary to what some of the comments may lead you to believe, I don't blatantly ignore requests; some albums are just easier for me to come by than others. Hell, the post scheduled to run in a couple of days is for an album that many of you have been patiently waiting for. I ask that you keep the requests coming, and hopefully this new work schedule will permit me to honor more of them. (Both of the Curren$y write-ups were generated by requests, after all. I do notice this stuff, you know.)  But there is a difference between requesting an album be reviewed and bitching that your album hasn't yet been reviewed.  I'm just saying.

Also, if you have to order anything from Amazon, try to click on any one of the many links scattered throughout the posts first, and then order whatever you were going to buy.  It doesn't have to be any of the albums advertised, although that would be cool, too.  Every little purchase helps the blog continue in its current form.  I would appreciate it, anyway.

Finally, with an increased workload comes the need for additional contributors. If you have never submitted a Reader Review before, or if it has been a while, and you're interested in seeing your personal thoughts on your favorite albums posted on the site, shoot me a message with some of your ideas, and we'll talk. Conversely, if you've contributed in the past, the door is still open for you to expose the readers to even more albums that they might not have listened to otherwise.

If you're an unknown artist looking for exposure of any sort, shoot me a message, too: I'm going to make an honest effort to showcase newer acts, hopefully finding some that prove that hip hop really isn't dead.

Thanks again for your support. I'll be back in a couple of days.



  1. happy Birthday HHID

  2. Happy Birthday HHID. I suggest a night of binge drinking because that's what four year olds do, right?

    I also suggest some possible reviews for any of the following:

    Black Sheep
    Choclair - My Demo
    The Coup
    DJ Quik
    Jungle Brothers
    Leaders Of The New School
    Lords Of The Underground
    Organized Konfusion
    Maestro Fresh-Wes
    Main Source
    Public Enemy

    Anyways they aren't really requests (well, some are) but more so just ideas.

  3. Some of those are in the proverbial pile for consideration. Probably not Skee-Lo, though. Although that may be interesting, I was never even aware that the guy released a full album's worth of material.

  4. Happy Birthday HHID. To many more years of excessive profanity!

  5. just found this blog has the same birthday as my sister ha. great blog congrats on goin 4 years

    Run DMC
    Immortal Technique
    have a look at some english rap too
    Plan Bs first album
    The Streets

  6. Yeah Skee-Lo's album was called "I Wish" it was released n 1994. I picked it up out of pure curiosity in a used CD store for $2.

    He and Ahmad (of "Back In The Day" fame) had similar like careers. They released an album in 1994, disappeared and reappeared much later Skee-Lo in 2000 and Ahmad in 2010.

  7. Hey again there, Max. I know I have come off as a asshole whiner numerous times, specifically in the Busta Rhymes comment section last week but I have not been in a good mood in the last week so it didn't help me that on the internet (particularly this site) my wishes weren't fulfilled. Anyways, I went a little too far and it might have been just that every time a request is fulfilled it is nothing I wanted or hoped for, so it seemed like I'm ignored & disliked (from my own view).

    Anyways, I promise to tone down my repetitive complains and in return I expect and hope that you actually get to some of my requests. Most importantly, I will stop making worthless threats about leaving this site cause it wont mean shit.

    Happy "4" birthday to HHID. I will put down my requests here and they have been echoed before.

    DJ Quik
    Too $hort
    MC Eiht
    Compton's Most Wanted
    Spice 1
    Geto Boys
    Willie D
    Above the Law
    Beastie Boys - specially "Paul's Boutique"
    2 Live Crew
    Run DMC
    Public Enemy
    Brotha Lynch Hung
    Kool G Rap
    Big Daddy Kane
    Masta Ace
    Poison Clan
    Ganksta N-I-P
    King Tee
    and last but not least
    Geto Boys
    Geto Boys
    Geto Boys
    Geto Boys...

    I hope you get how badly I want the last of the bunch. And as we can see, some of those I mentioned have already been reviewed a couple of times before but it seems like you have stopped completely with them since then.

    You should definitely expand to more different demographics cause hell, I don't think you have ever written down a review on someone from the Bay Area in this blog.

  8. Some J Dilla would be beast

  9. Happy birthday!

    My requests:
    Saigon's new album
    Lord Finesse Stuff
    More Eric B & Rakim
    More Big Daddy Kane stuff
    MF Grimm
    Da Youngstas
    More Geto Boys
    Black Milk
    Deltron 3030
    Cella Dwellas
    Masta Ace

  10. I love this blog! HHID has been my guideline as a former metal-head in the world of hip-hop.

    Still I got some requests:

    Keep up the good work!
    More MF DOOM
    The Streets
    Deltron 3030
    Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
    Beastie Boys
    Lil' Wayne (would love to see you shred his album.. :D)

  11. Happy birthday hhid, thanks for all the effort you've put into this. I occasionally disagree with stuff you say, sometimes quite strongly, but your opinions are good for stirring discussion and usually have a good point. and they are after all as you like to say just your opinions, not some dude trying to preach objective truth. I like that you don't worship 'classics' purely for their status. Keep it up man. Found some good music from this place.

    To add to the request yelling, agree with many of the older artists already mentioned and try some more cunninlynguists (esp. piece of strange), some other qn5 stuff like kokayi/tonedeff, and look at some freddie gibbs maybe. Ignore people bitching about shit like curren$y it's great you're doing hyped up current stuff with a critical eye.

    Comedy request: lil b. would make for a good review. maybe? probably not

  12. jeez have i been coming here for three years already?
    also, you know you want to review the reavers max
    if you loved the cannibal ox sound you may or may not be pleased to hear that the reavers explore that shit a lot further than canox dared
    also vordul mega is one of the members

  13. have a look at some english rap too
    Plan Bs first album
    The Streets

    I submitted a review for an English rap album a while ago. It wasn't any of those though. My only request is the Children of the Corn's album (Children of the corn was Big L, Mase, Cam'Ron, Herb McGruff and Bloodshed

  14. The Main Ingredient. Pete Rock and CL Smooth's last album, for now at least.

  15. Some music you might actually enjoy reviewing:

    Showbiz & A.G.
    Masta Ace
    Kool G Rap
    Geto Boys
    Black Sheep (specifically "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing")

  16. Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I'm reading!

    Been here for a year, no comments before, but your reviews are nearly always spot on.

    Keep it coming!

  17. Blake here, another reader since 2007. Congrats on the most entertaining and consistent blog on the web Max! You've led me to many, many great albums. Wu-tang,BBC (particularly the excellent Da Storm and Enta Da Stage) Nas and Hov, Mega,Gang Starr, Cannibla Ox and Scientifik to name a few.Anyway, peace form New Zealand, keep doin' what you're doin'. Won't leave any suggestions as all the reviews are entertaining.

  18. I love this site! Especially since lately Max have started to focus more on new (underground or mainstream, it doesn't matter) released projects!

    Keep doing more of that! I understand the need for reviewing past albums/requests but isn't this blog about hip-hop is not dead and still alive & kickin' if you look a lil' harder. But still I see increasing requests of old rappers/albums with each new post. And people requesting them already have an opinion on the whole album/artist.

    Focus more on present, please!!


    XV - "Everybody's Nobody"
    Stalley - "Lincoln Way Nights"
    Big KRIT - "Krit Wuz Here"
    Jason James - Marvelous World Of Color"
    Kendrick Lamar - "Overly Dedicated"
    John Regan - "Sorry I'm Late"
    Jon Hope - "Somekind Of Wonderful" / "WaterFire"
    Kero One - "Early Believers" / "Kinetic World"
    KiD CuDi - MOTM 1 / MOTM 2
    Laws - "4:57 PM"
    K. Sparks - "Manic Mondays Series #1-51"
    Mims - "Guilt"
    Nottz - "You Need This Music"
    Novel - "Suspended Animation"
    Outasight - "Never Say Never"
    Phil Ade - "The Letterman"
    Sha Stimuli - "My Soul To keep"
    Shawn Chrystopher - "A City With No Season"
    Skewby - "More Or Less"
    TECH N9Ne - Anything you can get your hands on!!
    The ILLZ - "The Pursuit LP"
    The Kid Daytona - "The Interlude"
    The Niceguys - "The Show"
    TiRon - "MSTRD"
    Willy Northpole - "Tha Connect"
    Yelawolf - "Trunk Muzik"
    Solitiar - "YYZ-T1"
    H.I.S.D - "The Weakend"

    Damn! Writing all these names makes me realize how dope and versatile of an era hip-hop is in! Best time to be a Rap music lover!! And yes I'm well aware of the existence of Gucci/OJ/Waka/Lil-B & company. Still, these all ^^ projects are dope!

  19. Your work is awesome Max.Keep it up!

    PS.More Wu-Tang Clan stuff :))

  20. Happy Birthday HHID.

    Some Requests:
    tech n9ne-Absolute Power
    Immortal Technique-all his albums
    Joell Ortiz - The Brick Bodega Chronicles
    and one of my favorite mc's Lowkey(from England)

  21. Mr. AquariusFebruary 13, 2011

    Happy birthday HHID! Been enjoying the site for years. Keep up the good work Max.

  22. t and james - they are not hip hop - demon boyz , london posse , katch 22 , blade , hijack , blak twang is english hip hop

  23. No, more focus on the past, please! Or at least consistent, fair bit of both.

    And LESS Wu-Tang, P-leez!

  24. Mr. AquariusFebruary 13, 2011

    Forgot my list, ha.

    - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
    - Twista: Mention him mudering people a lot, but haven't reviewed him.
    - Tech N9ne
    - Anything from QN5 (CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, etc.)
    - Aesop Rock
    - Atmosphere
    - Antoine Dodson
    - Beastie Boys (Still waiting on PB)
    - Public Enemy
    - Geto Boys (Scarface as well)
    - Blue Sky Black Death
    - Chamillionaire
    - Company Flow (your take)
    - Dead Prez
    - Deltron 3030
    - DJ Muggs and Planet Asia
    - Grayskul
    - House of Pain
    - Jean Grae
    - Onyx (second album)
    - Sage Francis
    - UGK (Ridin' Dirty)

    Just a few things off the top of my head.

  25. Congratulations Max on 4 years, and although I have liked this recent trend of recent albums, I'd recommend something like a Stunt Week for 80s projects that might otherwise be pushed back indefinitely. I will also put my support for the Juice Crew or Geto Boys related reviews in as well, as more Kool G Rap or Scarface is never a bad thing.

    P.S. Will there ever be another Billboard tirade? Those were fun.

  26. See all the Geto Boys support Max? Does that tell you something?

    I really hope you get to them sooner than most other requests put up here.

  27. t and james - they are not hip hop - demon boyz , london posse , katch 22 , blade , hijack , blak twang is english hip hop

    I was just quoting his list, I don't listen to them.

  28. Public Enemy and 3030 are bound to be reviewed sooner or later, so I'm not too worried (although, sooner would be preferable).
    I also second Company Flow!

  29. You should review (or atleast check out) these guys
    -Snak the ripper
    -Immortal technique
    -Channel live
    -J live
    -Organized konfusion
    -Ill bill
    -Diamond D
    -Brand nubian
    -Group home
    -Moka only
    -Bronze nazareth
    -Brass tackz
    -Joell ortiz
    -Q unique

  30. andre nickatina and that rare rap a lot from the 90's like the convicts gangsta nip

  31. Love the blog. 4 years is a hell of an accomplishment. keep up the good work.

    would like to see:

    Freddie Gibbs
    Nappy Roots- Chicken, Watermelon and Gritz
    Beastie Boys
    Wiz Kahlifa

  32. Happy bday! I think I will send you some stuff. Hopefully you will consider it! :D

  33. Happy birthdady HHID! I promise to try and comment more in the future :)

    I would like to request some Binary Star; either their Masters Of The Universe or One Be Lo and Senim Silla's solo work.

  34. Keep up the good work.

  35. 4-YEARS! It's amazing how much hip hop there is to review. Keep up the good work!

  36. Mr. MidnightFebruary 14, 2011

    This site has officially edged out rapreviews.com as my favorite hip hop album review spot. One of the best blogs on the net. Max, keep up the good work boss.

    Now Review Danny's "And I Love Her" lol.

  37. i second andre nickatina
    maybe throw in some mac dre too if youre feeling really thizzed out

  38. Congratz! I agree with the idea some of the above had about a 80s week or something like that.

  39. Please tell me you've seen Raekwon's new video "Shaolin vs Wu Tang"

  40. REQUEST: Camu Tao - King Of Hearts

    Would absolutely love a review of this album from you even though I don't think you've reviewed much stuff in this kind of style.

    Also more Def Jux reviews

    Peace & Happy B'Day

  41. Hey, man. I really enjoy your site and shit. Good opinions, because they're similar to mine, and you've turned me onto some killer shit. Here are some recommendations. Sorry for any repeats, or albums that you've already done.
    -Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All- These motherfuckers are about to blow up, and I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of them yet. Horrorcore-esque tendencies, but they can't be categorized into any specific genre. They have the brutal, raw production of Wu-Tang, and the moral ambiguity of Eminem, back when he was doing it. Specifically, Tyler, The Creator's album Bastard, and Earl Sweatshirt's album Earl. You can download all their shit for freezies at Oddfuture.com.
    -Freestyle Fellowship & Aceyalone projects.-
    -Animate Objects.-
    -BIG K.R.I.T. This fool is blowing my mind. His album KRIT Wuz Here starts off with your typical countrified shit. Catchy, but nothing too spectacular. But quickly, the album gets better track by track. Fucking masterpiece.
    -Brotha Lynch Hung's new album, Dinner and a Movie. He's far improved from Season of da Siccness, which was a great album itself.
    -Busdriver. Either his shit with the The Weather (Radioinactive & Daedelus) or solo. He's like Eyedea mixed with Kool Keith. Hot shit.
    -Some Living Legends shit. Either Murs or The Grouch.
    -JG Tha Jugganaut.
    -Also, some words about the current direction of Hip-Pop would be appreciated. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Artists like Kid Cudi, Lil B, Wiz Khalifa. Shit like that.
    -Tonedeff's album Archetype.
    -KRS-One and Buckshot's album Survival Skills.
    -Also, I'm from Jacksonville, Florida. There's this artist from here called Rob Roy. He's fantastic. I'd like you send you his album through email. Be looking for it.
    Happy listening.

  42. Always liked this blog, thanks for doing it. I'm
    curious to see your opinion on brother ali, eyedea or atmosphere. No I'm not from Minnesota.

  43. Happy belated birthday hhid. awesome reviews. first review read: odb return to the 36 chambers.
    albums i have listened to after reading the reviews here: at least a couple dozen
    so your blog has had a huge impact on what i've listened to, some which might have past right by me if I didn't know about your blog.

  44. Few suggestions:
    Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens
    Fashawn - Boy Meets World
    Slum Village - Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol.1)
    Slum Village - Fantastic, Vol.2
    Quasimoto - The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
    Johnson&Jonson - Johnson&Jonson
    The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia
    Madvillain - Madvillainy
    Quasimoto - The Unseen

  45. I agree with P-King. Reviewing classics by Ice-T, Too Short, Scarface, Eightball & MJG, and E-40 is in order after you covered (most of) the classic east and west coast material.
    And please resume your UGK reviews – you haven't come to their best albums yet: Super Tight and Ridin Dirty.
    I would also like to see what you have to say about artists like Three 6 Mafia, Juvenile, Hot Boys, Mystikal, Soulja Slim (I won't even dare to mention Gucci Mane, who has been one of the most interesting artists from 2007 to 2010). We already know that it's unlikely that you will grow to really appreciate their music, but maybe you will? Either way, I'm sure you will find much more interesting and entertaining things to say about artists like them than about Slaughterhouse or Mos Def.

  46. And of course, props for 4 years, Max!