November 30, 2011

A Quick Interlude Before This Month's Final Post

Every time I do one of these stunt blogs, I question my sanity about one week in, curse the day I agreed to do the blog in the first place during the second and third weeks, and then graciously look forward to my regular schedule of posting or not posting during the finale.  This month's focus on white rappers, both well-known and underground, both generic and bizarre, is complete: the final post has already been set up to be published later today.  But before we get to that, I thought I would discuss a few things.

December will find the blog getting back to some semblance of normalcy, with mostly Reader Reviews filling in some of the gaps that were created while I chose to focus on the stunt month.  Yes, I'm still accepting Reader Reviews, just like always, and some of the choices I have lined up for next month are ripe for discussion (in my opinion), but if you wish to contribute in the future, one minor tweak: please do not send me any write-ups for albums that have already been written about to death on the site.  I've decided that it's time to expand the focus of the blog to include as many rappers and rap crews as possible, and that's not going to happen if everyone sends me their thoughts on the GZA's Liquid Swords.  Shoot me an e-mail at the address in the sidebar if you're interested in writing, and send me a list of albums you're potentially looking into so we can hash out an agreement.

Thanks to my overzealous work schedule, some of this month's posts got lost in the shuffle by not getting posted on the days they were promised.  (See?  You weren't imagining things.)  However, if you look back at the month, you'll find twenty-nine different write-ups for artists that had never been the focus of any previous post.  Click on the link here to revisit them all, or to catch up on the ones you missed or didn't comment on (*cough* Eternia *cough*).

Speaking of the artists, I thought I would end this with a short explanation as to why I didn't choose some of your favorite rappers, in addition to answering a few questions.  I know you've been wondering: whatever the fuck happened to...

There was a Reader Review of Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus a while back, and the whole point of this stunt was to write about people that never had a showcase on here before.  This meant that El-Producto had to take a knee, although it isn't as though I forgot he existed or anything.

The CunninLynguists member already has an album with his crew, Will Rap For Food, on HHID.

Vanilla Ice?
This was an actual question, probably meant as a joke, but I didn't feel a need to write about the dude a second time.

Celph Titled?
Dude is Cuban.  Doesn't fit the theme.  I'm aware that his album with Buckwild exists, though, thanks to the five hundred and seventy-seven comments I received about it.

Aesop Rock?


How could you have written about House Of Pain or the DJ Muggs/Ill Bill album Kill Devil Hills if you've written about Soul Assassins projects in the past?
Because shut up, that's why.  Also, Everlast and Ill Bill were never actually the focus of any of those past write-ups, so I feel they still counted.

Why The Streets?  
Gotta start somewhere.  Given the response I received, it was a good idea.

Must you fit a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate (specifically Remedy) into every fucking thing you do on the site?  Because it's getting really old.

Will you be doing this again?
Not anytime soon: the deadlines were killing me this month.

I'm kind of tired, so I'm cutting this Q&A a bit short, but particularly astute readers will notice that there was a major act left off of the "Why didn't you write about...?" list.  And with that, I'm off.  See you in a bit.



  1. We want an El-P review from YOU though.

  2. 1. Black rappers
    2. White rappers
    3. Female rappers

  3. Del The funky homosapien and Aceyalone!

  4. Really enjoying this month, Max. I don't comment enough round these parts but know I appreciate you listening to novelty rap albums so we don't have to.

  5. Max, Celph is part Cuban and part Irish. Regardless, there are a lot of Caucasian Cubans. I think he would have qualified! Oh well, great job on your stunt month. It's been a real pleasure watching it unfold. Now get some rest if the real world permits!

  6. @AaronM - Thanks, man. I've appreciated the support since day one.

  7. Have stumpled upon this blog via Google and been a constant reader ever since. I like listening to an album while reading your thoughts about the tracks. Keep up the good work. Props from Berlin, Germany.