April 27, 2021

RandoMax Radio Episode #30!

Episode 30 of RandoMax Radio may be a new milestone reached in this weird side project, but for right now we refuse to reinvent the wheel, or any wheels - their design was perfected pretty much out of the gate. This month's contribution to the Mixcloud servers features at least one "what the fuck?" selection that, trust me, sounds really goddamned good, along with several tracks you've likely not thought about for a while and one song that ranks as one of the greatest in the history of recorded music, and that isn't hyperbole. Jump in, the water's fine.

EDIT: It's about that time, you two.


1. "Let The Music Play" - Shannon
2. "The Theme (It's Party Time)" - Tracey Lee
3. "Hold On" - En Vogue
4. "Natural One" - Folk Implosion
5. "What Else Is There?" - Röyksopp feat. Karin Dreijer Andersson
6. "Fresh" - Will Smith feat. Biz Markie and Slick Rick
7. "Bittersweet Symphony" - The Verve
8. "See You" - Depeche Mode
9. "Vortex" - John Carpenter
10. "Unlearn This Hatred" - New Order
11. "Boyfriend" - Best Coast
12. "Buggin' Out" - A Tribe Called Quest
13. "Wait and See" - Holy Ghost!
14. "God Bless Ya Life" - Ill Bizkits
15. "Running" - Computer Magic
16. "Psychobabble" - Frou Frou

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