April 11, 2021

The Max-Approved Mixtape - Episode #10! (Brought to you by RandoMax Radio)

This tenth episode of the Max-Approved Mixtape has been proven to reduce anxiety in backpacker lab rats, which is no small feat - it took the researchers years to put together tiny spraypaint cans for each of the rats to carry with them as they bounced around a simulation of what New York City was like in the 1980's, so the very least you could do is press 'play' on the thing.

Episode 10 of the Max-Approved Mixtape features ten hip hop tracks anointed with oil, each lifted from various eras of our beloved culture and compiled in a manner that gives each song new context. There is no expiration date on good music, but perhaps some of these you haven't thought of in a while in a while, so you may find some pleasant surprises within the tracklist below.


1. Redman - "Tiger Style Crane"
2. J-Zone - "I'm Fucking Up The Money" (featuring Huggy)
3. Vince Staples - "BagBak"
4. Run The Jewels - "Banana Clipper" (featuring Big Boi)
5. Main Source - "Fakin' the Funk (Remix)" (featuring Neek the Exotic)
6. Busta Rhymes - "Get You Some" (featuring Marsha Ambrosius and Q-Tip)
7. Sauce Heist x Camouflage Monk - "NY Pricks & Dicks"
8. Cannibal Ox - "Iron Rose" (featuring MF DOOM)
9. Medina Green - "Crosstown Beef"
10. Joey Bada$$ - "Hardknock" (featuring CJ Fly)

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