September 30, 2022

RandoMax Radio Episode #47!


This forty-seventh installment of the ongoing RandoMax Radio concern follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, in that we, once again, present sixteen terrific tracks, some of which may be more familiar to you than others, within a playlist-slash-mix show format that surrounds each song with others that it wouldn’t normally be partnered up with, thereby creating a new level of context for your enjoyment. Or something. Personally I’m just tired of radio shows that play a variety of music while simultaneously pretending that hip hop doesn’t exist, so my goal was to change that.

That shit doesn’t even make sense today anyway, given that pop music owes nearly everything to hip hop influences these days. Am I brazen enough to throw the word “racist” around? Yeah, probably. And you can’t even say that the explicit content is what’s keeping hip hop out of these more mainstream circles – have you listened to pop music these days?

Anywho, same standard rules, the tracklist will be revealed at a later date, etc. Just enjoy the fucking thing. There’s some good shit here, I promise.

EDIT: I found something for you all.


1. Sublime – “Doin’ Time”
2. Drake – “I Get Lonely”
3. John Legend – “Get Lifted”
4. Common – “Sweet”
5. The Automator – “Sleep”
6. The Passions – “I’m In Love With a German Film Star”
7. Daft Punk – “Veridis Quo”
8. The Firm – “Desperados” (featuring Canibus)
9. The Human League– “Seconds”
10. Ennio Morricone – “L’ultima diligenza di Red Rock #2”
11. Dua Lipa – “Hallucinate”
12. Purity Ring – “Crawlersout”
13. Q-Tip – “Won’t Trade”
14. Chromatics – “Candy”
15. Redman – “Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In da Club)” (featuring DJ Kool)
16. Frank Ocean – “Lovecrimes”



These are all great songs that deserve much wider audiences, and if there was a way to listen to them that would guarantee they would receive some sort of royalty, why would you want to deprive the artist? That’s just mean. Share/repost this mix across your socials, and while you’re at it, jump onto the Patreon and secure your spot to support the written word, since, as you’ve likely noticed, the posts over here are running much more infrequently. Every little bit helps keep these projects sustainable, and I would certainly appreciate it.



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