November 22, 2022

RandoMax Radio Episode #49!


I have this forty-ninth edition of the ongoing RandoMax Radio concern cued up for you today. In the United States, this week is what is nationally considered to be a “fuck-off week”, in that we Americans are in holiday mode, which overrides all courses of action. Even folks who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving are stuck in this mindset, because everything is either closed or running with a very limited staff this week, at least until the retail hell known as Black Friday, a favorite of capitalists the world over. Whether you celebrate this holiday with family and friends who simultaneously make you feel loved while wanting to cram an icepick through your eardrum, or you’re one of those folks who enjoy the sport of purchasing televisions you don’t necessarily need just because they’re cheap and could make for good gifts, this month’s mix was made to help you pass the time. Hell, even if you don’t give a shit about Thanksgiving, there’s something for you on here as well.

The tracklist will be revealed at a later date, because nothing’s changed on my end, but don’t fret, this just means the feelings of varying extremities will simply come as a surprise.

EDIT: Here's an early holiday gift.


1. Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH – “Crimewave”
2. U2 – “Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)”
3. Gunplay – “Take This”
4. Kenna – “Wild Wild Life”
5. Hawaiian Gremlins – “Beyond”
6. The Exciters – “Tell Him”
7. Phoenix – “Identical”
8. Special Ed – “Come On, Let’s Move It”
9. Oppenheimer Analysis – “The Devil’s Dancers”
10. Tyler, the Creator – “Wilshire”
11. Boy Harsher – “Burn It Down (Rework)”
12. Santigold – “Run the Road”
13. New Young Pony Club – “The Get Go”
14. Nyan – “Intent”
15. Natalie Imbruglia – “Wishing I Was There (Transistor Mix)”
16. 16. Twin Shadow – “Old Love / New Love” (feat. D’Angelo Lacy)

The artists involved receive royalties each time this mix is listened to, so you should help support their work by pressing ‘play’ and telling your friends to do the same. You could also put it on a loop and walk away from your phone – I’m sure as shit not going to tell anybody. Share/repost this mix across your socials, and while you’re at it, jump onto the Patreon and secure your spot to support the written word, since, as you’ve likely noticed, the posts over here are getting kind of scarce. Not so much over at the Patreon, though. Every little bit helps keep these projects sustainable, and I would certainly be grateful.



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