November 30, 2023

RandoMax Radio Episode #55!


Episode fifty-five of the ongoing RandoMax Radio concern will be exactly what you think it will be before ever pressing ‘play’, except for the actual songs included. Those will be different than before, all of them solidly entertaining, some of them perhaps having slipped off your radar long ago but always welcome, others perhaps brand-new to your senses. The best way I can put it is this: I love music, and I love sharing music with different people. Maybe you’ll enjoy these selections, maybe you won’t, but I do, and more importantly to me, I’d bet some of you two will also dig these.

The tracklist will be revealed at a later date, which you should have seen coming, but what you won’t see coming is how well these tracks work with one another. And if you find yourself in the holiday spirit, might I suggest this mix as a potential soundtrack?

As always, the artists above receive royalties each time you listen, so you should support their work by pressing ‘play’ and getting all of your friends to do the same. Share/repost this mix across your socials, and while you’re at it, I hope you’ll consider supporting the Patreon, because not only will you unlock exclusive content, you’ll be helping to keep my side quests active and engaging.



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  1. Yo max, you ever gonna get around to reviewing some Tech N9ne albums? I'm a big fan of your blog, and would love to hear your opinion on some of his projects. Keep up the good work!