March 18, 2009

Free Music: Icadon - The New Deal (Mixtape)

I know there's at least one other reader (one with an especially long screen name) that shares my feelings for Icadon/Icarus (from Redman's Gilla House crew), so I figured I would offer this up for everyone, since it popped up in my inbox and all.

Looky, someone else wrote all the words, so I didn't have to!

From the press release:

"Icadon, formerly known as Icarus, the hardest working unsigned artist ever to come out of New York, released his ninth mixtape, The New Deal, available now online. The New Deal celebrates Ic signing a new label deal for his company, Johnny Pump Entertainment, with Amalgam Entertainment...

"The New Deal features artists such as, Rockwilder, Sassy and C. Onez, to name a few. Mixtape tracks include DJ Khaled's "Go Hard" featuring Jay-Z, T.I.'s "Dead and Gone" featuring Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight", Akon's "So Paid", and Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" (the hell?), all with Icadon's rhymes and special twists on the tracks.

"The New Deal debuts producers Beat Cartel on track three, "Tear 5th Ave Up", featuring unsigned artist Sassy. "Tear 5th Ave Up" has a party/club sound with Sassy's rhymes reminiscent of the baddest bitch while Ic rips up the track rhyming about spending money on his cars and on 5th Ave."

The Beat Cartel are actually the folks that sent this to me, so be sure to thank them if you like this one. (I have to say, I'm a fan of the last sentence in the portion of the press release I included above, although that doesn't necessarily mean that I have high hopes.) I haven't had a chance it spin this yet, but I am actually intrigued by the fact that Reggie Noble does not make an appearance. Also, the fact that Icadon is signed to Amalgam places him alongside Saigon and Joe Budden as the only actual rappers I can name from that particular label.

If you are a Reggie stan like myself, or just love free shit, do your thing and let me know in the comments if this is worth everyone's time.

Icadon - The New Deal (Mixtape)

Johnny Pump Entertainment MySpace page



  1. Thanks for the mixtape. Great.

  2. niggaz from bucktown are starting to feel neglected...
    Smiff n' Wessun DAMMIT!!!!

  3. Free is always worth the time.

  4. the most felonious vocalist in the wide world of showbusinessMarch 23, 2009

    Icarus has put out 9 mixtapes and has his own label? Where the fuck is the clothing line?

    That press release severely dampened my expectations but I'm definitely gonna sacrifice some tobacco and listen to this.