March 16, 2009

Today's Not-So-Random Song Accompanied By Minimal Commentary: The Clash - "Straight To Hell"

Most of my two readers may already be aware of where M.I.A. jacked her swagger from for her "Paper Planes", but for the latecomers, you should give this track a spin while trying to guess when Max will finally write about MF Doom or a West Coast artist that isn't Motion Man. (Please note that this is not an actual video, so it's not a requirement for you to pay attention to the visuals.)

As an added bonus, you can also elect to hear Lily Allen's recent cover, from the War Child Heroes album.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? You know where they go.

Another actual post coming soon, hopefully.



  1. i'm shocked. But Brit paying dubious tribute to Brit goes well with me. Now Kanye West's "Swagga like that"... (although T.I. is comes off nicely)

  2. always did like her voice.. but wtf is she saying