December 31, 2020

RandoMax Radio Episode #26!

Because we couldn't let 2020 slip out the back door without demanding at least one good thing from it, I present to you both the final post of the year: the twenty-sixth episode of RandoMax Radio. Give it a spin while you undoubtedly choose not to attend any parties, as you like your friends and family and would prefer it if they were still around in 2021 to hang out with. 
Episode 26 sticks with the whole "mixture of genres and eras" concept, although I noticed during my road test that there's far less hip hop on here than usual. Which isn't a bad thing - I did just upload fourteen Wu-Tang Clan-related mixes during the holiday season, and those are all hip hop or hip hop-adjacent. But I figured you might want to know just exactly what it is you're getting into here. Patreon subscribers don't have to wallow in mystery, since the tracklisting is available from the jump as an exclusive perk, but I recommend you try going in without any preconceived notions.

EDIT: It's about that time, people.


1. "Disparate Youth" - Santigold
2. "Do You Believe?" - The Beatnuts
3. "Situations" - Cetu Javu
4. "Wandering Star" - Portishead
5. "Perfect Stranger" - Erasure
6. "Clap Your Hands" - A Tribe Called Quest
7. "Doricamente" - Ennio Morricone
8. "Idioteque" - Radiohead
9. "Dirt (Remix)" (featuring Ghostface Killah) - Mobb Deep
10. "Aly, Walk With Me" - The Raveonettes
11. "We Are The People" - Empire of the Sun
12. "Cat's Chorus" - Lush
13. "Lost In Yesterday" - Tame Impala
14. "Power Trip" (featuring Miguel) - J. Cole
15. "Shiller" - Ratatat
16. "Echoes" - Washed Out

After today, I'll be taking a brief hiatus from the blog, which follows the pattern I've established over the past few years. I'll be back before you know it, though - I just need a bit of time to recharge and settled. (The Patreon will continue to be updated, though, so you can always check there if you need a fix in the meantime.)

2020 has been, and I say this with utmost respect, a shitshow, but I appreciate all of you who took the time to fit either Hip Hop Isn't Dead or the Patreon (or both) onto your reading lists in between doom-scrolling social media. Here's hoping that your 2021 is as productive and satisfying as I'd like my own to be. A reminder: you can subscribe to the RandoMax Radio feed to catch up on previous episodes and to receive updates before they appear on either of the sites; you can also troll me on Twitter at @hhid_Max; and of course, you can leave your comments, complaints, memes, song and/or article suggestions, and whatever else you two want me to see.

Enjoy, and have a happy new year!



  1. Happy New Year Max. Just so you know, I do read your site every day (still!). I've recently been rereading the wu tang and ghostface reviews... supreme clientele was gold!

    Have a relaxing time with your family - take some time off!



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