January 26, 2021

RandoMax Radio Episode #27!


The writing hiatus continues (unless, again, you're a Patreon subscriber), but the music itself just keeps on coming, with today's manifestation of positive energy coming in the form of the first episode of RandoMax Radio for 2021.

Episode 27 continues to mix and match genres and eras, with the hip hop tracks coming from the "least likely to have chosen these" column, while the other selections mirror that energy. The tracklist, as usual, will be made available at a later date, but I like the idea of going in blind - in the time between the record and the road test I usually forget what I put on these things, and it's always a pleasant surprise. (If you absolutely hate surprises and joy, you can get the tracklist on day one by signing up for the Patreon at any level.)

EDIT: It's about that time.


1. "Everyday Is Halloween" - Ministry
2. "Mirror In The Bathroom" - The Beat/The English Beat
3. "Blue Song" - Mint Royale
4. "B-Boy Stance" - k-os
5. "Get Together" - Madonna
6. "Charlotte Sometimes" - The Cure
7. "There He Go" - ScHoolboy Q
8. "Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles
9. "Needle In The Hay" - Elliott Smith
10. "Kingdom" - Dave Gahan
11. "Feel the Beat" - LL Cool J
12. "I'm So Tired" - The Beatles
13. "Nothing To Worry About" - Peter Bjorn and John
14. "The Fabulous..." - Funkghost
15. "I Can't Wait" - Nu Shooz
16. "Asleep" - The Smiths

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