January 6, 2022

The Holiday Wu Blitz Is Over, Again


The Twelve Days of Wu-Mas have once again come to an end. We certainly had some good times, didn't we? What's that, you say? You didn't get a chance to listen to all the mixes and read through the unlocked Patreon write-ups (or, if you're already a Patreon supporter, first off, thank you so much, and secondly, check out all of the new exclusive posts that went up) because the "holidays" got in the way, or you have to "work" or "quarantine"?

Actually, that last excuse is the perfect time to work your way through this past year's Wu-Tang messiness.

The mixes don't expire, nor do the write-ups self-destruct, so read through them, study them meticulously, and spin the shit out of the #Maxtapes until your phone freezes up. Share them far and wide with anybody who has even the tiniest bit of appreciation for the Wu-Tang Clan. Each page hit, each spin, each new follower, each Patreon supporter helps keep this little project of mine alive and kicking, and I greatly appreciate any of you who have stuck around while I follow my various muses.

Have a happy new year, and maybe put your masks back on when you're in a crowd. Just saying.



  1. Is a Remedy vs. Wu-Tang review coming soon to this blog or the Patreon?

  2. Absolutely. In fact, it's already there.